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About Us

Whitecross Foundation - Committed to preserve Blood Line of Capital

Whitecross Foundation a non-profit, voluntary humanitarian organization was born out of our social commitment to help patients in need of blood. Our main aim is to provide medical relief and aid to those in need including opening, establishing and running of Blood Banks, Cancer Detection Centres, Old Age Home, Dispensaries, Hospitals, Maternity Home, Sanitoriums, Medical & First-aid Centres, Ambulances and relief of physically disabled or handicapped orphan and destitute children, blind and mentally retarded people. In addition we also organize Continuing Medical Education among Medical Fraternity on medical subjects including optimal Use of blood and blood components.From time to time Whitecross Organizes Voluntary Blood Donation Camps in Collaboration with other Non-Governmental organizations and instils awareness about utility of blood donation among masses.It is our earnest endeavour to help in bringing about awareness amongst the masses in regard to Blood-donation-mindedness employing various means of people's awakening by convening Blood grouping and motivational camps, workshops, seminars, symposia, conventions, study groups and get-togethers.and thereby Creating wider awareness of the vital role of blood transfusion in saving lives . In order to achieve our objective we seek, support and secure co-operation of individuals, body of individuals, Institutions, Clubs, Individual and Educational establishments and Societies / Trusts functioning at different levels official and non-official - in a bid to make the National Blood Programme an act of paramount importance and last but not the least to offer new dimensions to the initiative and unavoidable urge of providing "Safe Blood" to suffering and ailing Humanity.

Our Mission

The Whitecross Foundation believes that no one should die for lack of access to a safe and available blood supply. Our mission is to fund initiatives that improve the availability, quality and safety of blood and related products to save, extend, or enhance the lives of patients, not only in and around Delhi but all over India.

Become a Donor

Am I eligible to give blood? Most people are able to give blood if they:

  • Are fit, healthy and not suffering from any illness at the time of donation.
  • Are aged between 18-60 years.
  • Weight more than 45kg .
  • Know that no extra food & rest is required after Blood donation.
  • Know only five minutes are required to donate Blood.
  • Know that blood is a natural product and only human beings can produce it.
  • Know that there will be no after effects of donation.
  • Would like to do some good deeds to help their fellow beings.

Who need Blood

Blood is needed by so many people

  • In major surgery.
  • In patients with cancer and other diseases.
  • In patients of organ transplant.
  • To help save the lives of accident/trauma victims.
  • Pre and post delivery. a mother may need large volumes of blood.
  • Patients with blood diseases like severe Anaemias especially Aplastic Anaemias, Leucaemias (blood cancer), Haemophilia (bleeding disorder), Thalassemia can survive only through regular transfusions.
  • In many cases of poisoning, drug reactions, and conditions of shock and burns blood transfusion is required to save precious human life.

There is no SUBSTITUTE FOR BLOOD! And it cannot be manufactured in a Laboratory or a factory.Despite all medical advances, we have found no way of duplicating it.Except in our own bodies.So, please roll up your sleeves and give blood.

Tips on Blood Donation

  • Have a good meal at least 3 hours before donating blood.
  • Accept the snacks offered to you after the donation, it is vital that you have them. You are recommended to have a good meal later.
  • Avoid smoking on the day before donating. You can smoke 3 hours after donation.
  • You will not be eligible to donate blood if you have consumed alcohol 48 hours before donation.

Blood Facts

  • Blood is the life-maintaining fluid that circulates through the body's heart, arteries, veins and capillaries.
  • Blood carries to the body nourishment, electrolytes, hormones, vitamins, antibodies, heat, and oxygen.
  • Blood carries away from the body waste matter and carbon dioxide.
  • Blood fights against infection and helps heal wounds, keeping you healthy.
  • Red blood cells carry oxygen to the body's organs and tissues.
  • Red blood cells live about 120 days in the circulatory system.
  • Platelets promote blood clotting and give those with leukemia and other cancers a chance to live.
  • Plasma is a pale yellow mixture of water, proteins and salts which contains clotting factors.
  • Healthy bone marrow makes a constant supply of red cells, plasma and platelets.
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